Sarah Everard: 8 phone apps to help you walk home safely


For young women across the country, the sad news of Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa’s murders has caused upset and worry. Walking alone should not be a danger, and no one should not make it home just because they were walking alone.

With the recent news from the trial revealing that Everard was falsely arrested by her murderer, women across the country have been coming together at vigils and to promote women’s safety.

However, for many woman this is just not the reality. Research by Student Beans has found that a fifth of young women have reported witnessing or being victims of inappropriate sexual behaviour and assault. 27% of young women admitted they feel unsafe while out alone.

New research by Student Beans has found that a fifth of young females have reported witnessing or being victims of inappropriate sexual behaviour and assault.

Sadly, 78% of women surveyed said they were changing the way they presented themselves out of fear of being harassed or attacked. Many believed this would stop them being followed, catcalled, having their drink spiked and being sexually harassed.

As the darker nights approach, many people will be looking for ways to feel safer when they are out. Student Beans have put together eight of the best apps to help you feel safer when out and about.

Top 8 safety apps


Shake2Safety has been designed to allow users to input emergency contacts to which a message, location, photo, and audio can be sent to in an emergency situation. Triggered by the shaking of the phone or clicking the unlock button 4 times, you can use this app without wifi and when your phone is locked.

Circle of 6

The Circle of 6 app allows you to input 6 contacts of your choice which can be notified in just two taps if you’re in an emergency situation.

B Safe

This app has a number of features including a voice/ touch-activated SOS call, live streaming once the SOS has been activated which will go through to selected guardians allowing them to see and hear where you are in real-time, including your current location.

It also has a fake call setting which is great for unsure situations.


Kitestring works by the user alerting the app when they’re going on a journey, and how long approximately it’s for. Once the time is up Kitestring will send you a text where you can reply to check-in. If you don’t reply Kitestring will send an alert to your emergency contacts.

The best thing about this app is that there is no need for a smartphone, so it’s more accessible to all.

One Scream

One scream works by being able to detect the sound of a female panic scream. A loud siren will then go off. After 20 seconds an automated voice call and a text message to your chosen emergency contacts.

Hollie Guard

This app will automatically record audio and video and share them with your emergency contacts. This app will also work by sensing trips or falls by using a motion sensor.

There are multiple ways to raise the alarm. Simply shake the device or tap the screen to generate an alarm.

Silent Beacon

The Silent Beacon app is free of charge and sends your GPS location in real time.

You can set up emergency contacts which can be alerted and sent your location in an emergency situation.

Red Panic Button

The Red Panic Button app can be used in an emergency situation by pressing the button which then sends an SOS message to your chosen emergency contacts.

Source : times

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